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Building websites for successful local businesses.

The web design and development industry is like the Wild West. Are you being sold snake oil?

When you want your web design or software built, are you looking for a web designer/developer or a businessperson? The frightening reality of the software and graphic design industries in Canada is that most web creatives are not businesspeople. In other words, web professionals with no business sense create poor software, marketing that doesn’t convert, and bags of money wasted on technology that doesn’t serve anyone.

Illustration of two tied up sacks of gold coins with six gold coins lying around them — coins that could have been used on a web design that generates positive return on investment
Illustration of an old-west menacing looking bearded man holding a shotgun with his finger on the trigger — this cowboy coder doesn't care about your web design, he just wanted to have fun

Meet your local cowboy coder — your web design nightmare

He likes building with lincoln logs and calling it your business solution

Introducing, The Cowboy Coder. They think because they can write HTML and cobble WordPress plugins together, they can craft any solution under the sun. Consequently, this leads to performance and user experience issues. Imagine a car mechanic fixing your Freightliner semi-truck with Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic parts. Sooner or later, it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Worse yet, these haphazard software designers lock you into rigid contracts. That way, when they get bored with their Frankenstein toy (what was supposed to be your business solution), they’re making money from you for months or years to come.

There's a new Sheriff in town

At Objektiv Digital, we are business-oriented software providers

Thanks to cowboy coders, for every business owner who is satisfied with their web software solution, we find ten more who feel duped, bottlenecked, and darn right swindled. It makes us madder than a mule chewin’ bumblebees. We’ve had enough!

At Objektiv Digital, our solutions are focused on meeting your business goals while providing optimal user experience, error-free code, mobile-first design, and accessible design.

An illustration of a confident female sheriff blowing smoke off her gun as she looks at a "wanted" poster of a menacing looking man — the cowboy coder. She'll make things right by building a website with writing that converts, code that doesn't break, and software and web designs that look amazing
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This Year's Mission: Save 50 businesses from bad design, incompetent developers, & complacent agencies by 2022.

The Right Way

We go out of our way to do things correctly, securely, and in the best interest of those we serve.

Optimized Everything

Our mission is to out-perform all of our competition. Chances are high, you're better off with us.

Full Transparency

We reveal and explain all of our processes and challenges to keep you empowered and informed.

Passionately Creative

We work to make our creations an inspiration to our team, to your team, and to your customers.

Here's what one of our many happy clients had to say:

Praise like this is par for the course 😉

I hate having to deal with my website. I’ve hated it since the day I started my business and spent two entire days trying to make my own website that looked terrible and made me feel like I’d bit off more than I could chew. Thinking about doing stuff with my website stresses me out, whether it’s to do with my hosting, or my domain, or the front or back end of it. It all makes me grind my teeth and fidget in my chair.
Ian and Objektiv Digital changed all of that for me. Not only did Ian give me a simple to-do list of assets that I could easily deliver and then turn it into an incredible looking site, but he’s been there with me as a guide every step along the way:
New security risks affecting the unprepared? No problem, he’s warning me about it and already got a fix in place for me. Rates on my hosting or domain going up? He knows before I do and helps me find a better deal so I’m staying online and making the best use of the valuable capital available to me. Need advice about changes I’m considering to the site? He’s got useful feedback and data to back it up.
But you know what’s even better than all of that? My website is on the front page of Google and gets me new clients without even needing to spend on ads. My website not only looks great and runs great, but it does the one thing I need it to do exceedingly well – it gets me business.
I would be foolish to work with anyone else for my website, and you would be too.
—Alex @ Astronomic Audio
Astronomic Audio, an Objektiv Digital website client.

Ditch the cowboy coder. Go with someone who will keep the peace

If you don’t love Objektiv as your web solution caretaker, we’ll give access to whoever you find to take over. Above all, we never want you to worry about having to rebuild from scratch.

1. Contact Us

2. We determine if we're a good fit for each other

3. We collaborate to build your ideal business tool

An illustration of an old-west town with two bandits making a scene in front of a wagon — they took your money and left you in the dust. There's a better place to get your web design: Objektiv Digital.

Make your web design an asset, not a town being looted by bandits.

Of course, like any developer, we’ll have fun building your solution. But, do you know what we have more fun with? A flexible and robust software system that satisfies a business need, that is pleasant for all end-users and is scalable and detachable in case your tool grows faster than we do. A system that crosses every “t” and dots every “i.” An asset, not a liability. A tool, not a toy. A smart move, not a lingering regret.