WordPress Hosting & Maintenance: Is your website fast & safe?

If your website isn't actively maintained by a pro, chances are it isn't.

You are an ethical and methodical business operator. You cross every ‘t’ and dot every ‘i.’ You run your business like an artificial intelligence at a command center. You leverage the services you need to keep your operation optimal and safe.

It’s finally time your website gets the same treatment.

The entire web is under constant attack and your website is no exception.

Hackers automate nearly all of their attacks and out-dated websites are the easiest targets to steal you and your customers’ data or turn your website into a distribution node for malicious code, turning potential and existing customers into victims of cyber attack. Maybe your website is secure, but you go viral tomorrow. Can your website handle an overload?

You shouldn’t have to go every day with this uncertainty looming over you and your business. With First-rate hosting and maintenance service, you’ll never have to think about this stuff again.

At Objektiv Digital, we know that uneasy feeling of the digital unknown.

Here's what we do for each of our customers' websites each month:

Average attacks blocked
0 %
Performance increase vs. previous provider
Average vulnerabilities closed

We have 24/7 monitoring of your website to respond to zero-day vulnerability exposure, first-response scaling when your website goes viral, and protection against the torrent of attackers trolling the internet.

The Objektiv Digital logo (dark version) written in a stylized monospace font with extra bold setting

The Right Way

We go out of our way to do things correctly, securely, and in the best interest of those we serve.

Optimized Everything

Our mission is to out-perform all of our competition. Chances are high, you're better off with us.

Full Transparency

We reveal and explain all of our processes and challenges to keep you empowered and informed.

Passionately Creative

We work to make our creations an inspiration to our team, to your team, and to your customers.

Your website is safe at the data centers we use around the world.

Switch your website to our care in 3 easy steps:

  1. Schedule a call.
  2. We assess your website performance & identify potential threats.
  3. We seamlessly migrate your site to our systems.


You’ll be 100% satisfied. If you’re not? No problem.

If you don’t like our services, we will fully commit to collaborating with your next provider with no headaches, no questions asked, no messing you around, no bullshit.

Your zippy, secure, scalable website is within grasp!

It’s finally time to stop worrying about your website exposing company and customer data, crawling for 10-20 seconds on each page load, or becoming a vector for a hacker’s cyber attack.

You do things the right way, you’re not some slacker carelessly managing critical business assets. You have principles, and your hosting will reflect those principles when you choose us.