Logo Design, Branding, and Brand Strategy

Keeping a top notch brand is like keeping up a great body

If you eat one too many cupcakes, you’re going to feel gross and put on unseemly weight. Likewise, getting a logo and branding with all the frosting and sprinkles may look nice, but is it going to help your brand health in the long run?

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Like physical exercise, branding needs consistency

when visual communication is inconsistent across all channels, customers go running

When your print media, social media, website, and other assets are discordant with each other, it can create confusion and sow distrust. As humans, we are attracted to consistency. We want products and services that align with our worldview. If you say you’re a bodybuilder, but look like Danny DeVito, we’re either turned off or laughing at you.

Let Objektiv Digital be your branding's personal trainer

We are heartbroken when businesses struggle to thrive because of an ineffective brand strategy

Learn how we helped James at Precision Tree Services embrace his knack for writing and create a voice that stands out from the competition. Or, how we instilled trust in Jennifer’s customers by establishing Prime Medical Billing Company as an authority in its space with a powerful branding presence. Click the logos below to learn more:

The Objektiv Digital logo (dark version) written in a stylized monospace font with extra bold setting

The Right Way

We go out of our way to do things correctly, securely, and in the best interest of those we serve.

Optimized Everything

Our mission is to out-perform all of our competition. Chances are high, you're better off with us.

Full Transparency

We reveal and explain all of our processes and challenges to keep you empowered and informed.

Passionately Creative

We work to make our creations an inspiration to our team, to your team, and to your customers.

It's finally time to embrace the voice of your business

Leverage your company's personality and style to increase sales and make a great customer experience

Whether you know it or not, an ineffective brand strategy makes your customers think less of your business in subtle and not-so-subtle ways that hurt your reputation and hurt your bottom line.

At Objektiv Digital, we are sticklers for cohesive branding in all facets of company representation, whether it be to customers, shareholders, employees, or the general public. It’s time to do things the right way.

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