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White Cedar Clinic is a clinic that takes a holistic, preventative approach to healthcare. With medical cannabis, physiotherapy, yoga, a general physician, weight counsellors, and more in their offerings, they provide a path for a better you. They work to make you whole in body, mind, and spirit.

White Cedar approached Objektiv Digital to create one-stop online touchpoint for all of their services. Whether their patient needs to book an intake appointment, ask a question, order more cannabis, view the studio schedule, or simply learn more about their offerings — it was all to happen on whitecedarclinic.com.


Interpret White Cedar's mockups into a beautiful and functional web design

Setup conversion tracking for ads

Integrate Cannabis Login

Integrate the yoga schedule


At the early stages, we set up a simple “under construction” page so that White Cedar could start building up hype and establish authority as we began work on building the full website.

We then worked with White Cedar to understand desired user flow and ensured their mockups fit the desired outcomes. Then, we took their low-fidelity mockups and translated them into a refined and beautiful look that reflected the White Cedar brand.

Because the third party integrations link to healthcare related software, we wanted to ensure air-tight end-to-end connections, which means using the latest SSL technology, locking down the website to prevent user error from being an attack vector, and setting up a robust notification system so that we are aware of any potential errors or attacks long before they can become a problem.


The web doctor is giving this website a clean bill of health!

Positive feedback from patients ✅

Positive feedback from clinicians ✅

Snappy loading speeds ✅

Conversions tracked ✅