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Jennifer Lavoie is a medical billing expert in British Columbia. She has mastered a unique and rare skill in navigating BC’s medical services billing schedule and ensuring medical professionals get the maximum payment they are entitled to and deserve. Jennifer approached Objektiv Digital for a 2-phase project to 1. Create a website + logo and put her business on the map, and 2. Design a business card and rack brochure card to distribute at medical offices and facilities to let doctors across BC know that the nightmare of navigating the MSP payment schedule does not have to be done alone — Jennifer is here to help!


Logo design

Website design

Business card & brochure design

Email template design


With cohesive branding across all materials, we crafted a set of marketing that presents the authority and professionalism representative of the Prime brand, all while making a nod to Jennifer’s no-nonsense flair.


With Prime’s website online, brochure and business cards printed, and email template locked and loaded, Jennifer is ready to launch her marketing and sales efforts with assets she can be proud to place front-and-center.

One thing that should be noted is that at Objektiv Digital, we are always seeking to innovate. In an attempt to innovate, we put Prime’s website on a newer platform that unfortunately created too many issues both for Jennifer and us as a company. For no additional charge, we rebuilt Jennifer’s website on a more conventional platform (WordPress) and made a seamless transition to technology that will serve Prime better.

Cohesive brand across all assets

On-budget and optimized

Rebuilt tech, free of charge

Seamless website migration

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