Precision Tree Services

A Case Study

Web Design

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James at Precision Tree Services had an itch. This itch was being caused by his website. He knew something was wrong with it, but wasn’t sure what. He reached out to have us critique his landing page, and we helped him identify the pain points that he intuitively knew were there. Equipped with the knowledge of what needed to be done, we began mapping out our next steps.

For an easy framework of identifying the same problems James had on his website, check out this blog post about what all websites should have on their landing page.


Create clear Calls-to-Action

Write copy that sells

Make the site reflect the Precision way of doing things

Empower James to use his powerful storytelling voice


Working closely with James, we iterated over our writing several times to create a landing page experience that is exciting, entertaining, and informative. Employing simple animations, the site comes alive with Precision’s Supertreeroes flying in to save the day.


275% increase in conversion rate 3 months after vs. 3 months before

67% increase in conversion rate over previous year

Unhinged James' awesome personality into Precision 🎉

Cared less about the conversions and more about the friends we made along the way 🤝 ❤️

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