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Mark Cohen is a Boulder, Colorado lawyer who is sick of overly complicated, confusing legal contracts that result in expensive lawsuits and end up not suiting anyone. He started the Plain English Institute, a non-profit organization with a mission to systemize and verify the use of plain English contracts. To spread his message, he approached Objektiv Digital to have his website built as a place to inform people who they are, what they do, and how they can get Plain English certified.


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Working with Mark, we came up with an aesthetic that made sense for the organization and built the website on WordPress to allow for Mark to easily log into and update the website himself, when needed. Using simple, but refined graphics and open stock photography, we built his site at a reasonable price for a non-profit startup.


Within a month of starting, we launched Although Mark transferred his hosting to a provider that has less optimal performance (but heavily discounted pricing for non-profits), we built the website on a rock-solid, lightweight foundation that can run (mostly) optimally on virtually any provider. Mark was pleased with the results, and we’re happy to have helped him spread his critically important message.

Looks great, happy client!

On-time, on-budget! 🎉