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The House of Bob Podcast is an actual-play roleplaying game podcast that host series that include Dungeons and Dragons, the Sprawl RPG System, Powered by the Apocalypse, and other popular pen & paper gaming systems. The House of Bob needed a kickass website to be the home for all the things they do including blogging, selling merch, sharing news, and, of course, hosting their podcast.


Create a landing page showing latest series and episodes

Create blogging, news, and podcast hosting functionality

Set up ecommerce dropshipping shop

Create a reliable system that can handle large volume of mp3 downloads


Having a fast, functional website with 99.99% uptime, House of Bob can be proud of this technological workhorse. Handling thousands of data intensive requests per month would put a severe strain on a typical “Build your own website” platform, and House of Bob was wise to employ something perfectly tailored to their needs. Check it out:


99.99% uptime

Near-zero upload errors

Very happy clients 🎉

Even happier listeners 🎉 🎉

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