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August Bailey needed a place to establish her business as a children’s book author – to sell her books online, and allow readers to learn more about the author and its illustrators. So many authors websites are out-dated, ugly, and have poor user experience. This website posed as an opportunity for August to stand out from the rest and make her mark in the world of children’s books, starting with her first publications: Baboons with Bassoons, and Patrick’s Pickles.


Sell the books online

A blog to show August's flair

Show off the illustrators

A website that customers love


Working with August’s limited budget, we opted to serve her needs by building her website on Squarespace. This way, she could leverage their ongoing support at a price that made sense for her sales volume. We used the tools made available by Squarespace to the best of our ability to create a design and user experience that best served the customers of H. Wilson Books and looks great, now and years into the future.


At the end of the project, we were proud to launch a clean, playful website that serves August’s needs and makes her customers feel great about their purchase. Here’s what one of her customers had to say about their purchasing experience:

“…your website is impressive. I think it was the easiest on line purchase I ever made.”

We had a great time working with August and we continue to get positive feedback about HWilsonBooks.com.

Rave reviews from customers

An easy to manage website

Happy design, happy client!

On-time, on-budget 🎉

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