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In his free time, Ian McKenzie created a small website called Kit Archives, a place for Minecraft players to document and share the kits that they create and find on anarchy Minecraft servers. On anarchy Minecraft servers, there are no rules, which means players cannot get banned for exploiting duplication glitches that they find. Kits are a great way to share creative works, re-gear in battle quickly, and create buildings quickly with all the materials you need. Because duplicating items is quite common, these kits are often used as currency during lulls in the economy when duplication exploits get patched. Kit Archives was an attempt at creating a platform for sharing and trading these kits.

Eventually, the platform grew into archiving other Minecraft content like maps, books, players, banners, and more. Soon, the idea evolved into an interesting question: “What if we created a social media platform specifically for Minecraft players?”


250 signups w/ $0 marketing

500+ user archive posts

Create engaged community

Reach a point of 'completion'


With any tech-startup product, it starts with finding an incredibly specific niche and solving problems for them, and them alone. We began by creating a minimum viable product and sharing it with community members of select Minecraft anarchy servers, including 2b2t.org, 9b9t.org and constantiam.net.

Additionally, given that this is a project that we’re simply doing for fun, it must have a point of ‘completion.’ To us, our point of completion includes the following:

  • Be able to archive all types of Minecraft content
  • Include basic social media features such as liking posts and following other members
  • Give the ability to create timelines (a staple of long-running Minecraft anarchy servers)


In the end, we created all of the features that we wanted to, and continue to work on the platform to this day, making small improvements and bug fixes as the userbase continues to grow. This case study was written on Jan. 26, 2021, and we will update this post when the platform reaches another milestone with user signups.

235 signups w/ 10+ per week

588 Archives & counting!

46-member Discord server

Multiple Patreon supporters

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