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Eric of Roibtec Inc. approached us to build a website as a place for wholesale distributors to learn about an innovative new beach product, the BeachGrip, as well as other inventions that have patents pending that will be added to their portfolio of products. Eric knew he needed a website to show off both who Roibtec is and what they do, as well as inform their customers about BeachGrip – what it is, what it does, and why it’s important.

Because Roibtec is a French + Canadian hybrid company (not to be confused with French-Canadian ala Quebec), this new website must load efficiently both in North America and Europe, as well as have an English plus French version of the website.


Show off the BeachGrip

Distributors called to action

FAST global load speeds

Multi-language website


First, we had a team-to-team meeting — Roibtec Inc. and Objektiv Digital to get on the same page with objectives, what Roibtec and the Beachgrip is all about, and to discuss our path forward. We explained our copywriting process and invited Eric to educate himself on our process as much as he liked.

We then created an initial draft for the landing page writing, optimized for website visitor action — to click the Buy Now button. Inspired by our initial draft, and emboldened by understanding our copywriting process, Eric created and iterated a new version himself for the final version of the landing page writing.

While the writing was being worked on, our Illustrator was hard at work creating bespoke illustrations to aid in the visual storytelling of the BeachGrip product. Once the illustrations were complete, our designer brought the writing and illustrations together to create a coherent, resolved structure for the landing page and the rest of the website.

Finally, our developer, in close collaboration with Eric, brought everything together by ensuring a pixel-perfect implementation of the designs, fluent translations of all elements of the site from English to French, and an overall polish that both Roibtec Inc. and Objektiv Digital can be proud of.


With a content distribution network delivering efficient load speeds, a fully functional translation system to serve a French audience, fun and inviting illustrations, and copy written to sell, Roibtec Inc. is ready to take their BeachGrip product to the next level.

Snappy load speeds

EN -> FR: Fully translated

Super fun illustrations!

Super happy clients! 🎉