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Alex Hochhausen at Astronomic Audio approached Objektiv Digital when both Astronomic and Objektiv were both in their infancy. As Alex set out to make his mark, we set out to make our mark by creating an amazing website for Alex to establish his audio production business. Even at the beginning stages of Objektiv, our mission at Objektiv has always been to deal with all the ‘nerd stuff’ so you don’t have to. That means helping Alex not have to figure out all the nuances of managing his domain name.


Make a stellar audio portfolio

Leverage existing brand

Integrate booking system

Optimize ongoing budget


In collaboration with Astronomic Audio’s branding artist, we created a deep space look that communicates the vast impact professionally edited audio can make. Like their tagline says, “We make your big ideas sound even bigger.” This was the driving force behind the web design for

Because the website is a single page static website, we opted to host the website for free on GitHub pages. Because the website is pure HTML and CSS, security vulnerabilities are virtually zero. With no need for security monitoring or paying for a server, we’ve saved Astronomic Audio thousands of dollars on hosting and maintenance fees. In general, this form of website management is not recommended or advisable because it requires knowing how to code to update it, but for Alex’s needs, this solution was perfect.


Within less than 2 weeks of Alex’s down payment, his website was live and ready to bring in leads and establish his company as a legitimate, professionally presented business. We had a great time collaborating with Alex and continue to be his digital partner to this day.

Big return on investment

Super happy client 🎉

High search ranking 📈

TINY monthly hosting fees