Expert epidemiologists say we are looking at a period of many, many months of social distancing/isolation*

For 80% off, we will design, develop, and launch your online shop. All you need to do is add your products. We will provide you with training and support on how to do that. With this package, you will get monthly support, security updates and maintenance.

*Click here for source of 'many months' claim.

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Do your part in 'flattening the curve'
Keeping our storefronts closed is the best way to do this

We have a responsibility to our friends, family, employees, and neighbours to mitigate this global pandemic. With your store closed, having an online shop is the best way to keep sales moving.

People who would otherwise support local are now shopping online now more than ever. Let's help them keep business local.

Read here about flattening the curve.

We'll have you online in less than 2 weeks.
Get back to business faster

At Objektiv, we are wizards with technology. We can spin up your shop faster than anyone else. We also have an eye for design, meaning your shop will be slick, reflective of your branding, as well as a friendly, intuitive experience for your customers.

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Don't fall behind from a 'wait and see' mindset
Take action now.

As more small business owners begin to understand the magnitude of this pandemic, the more they will turn to online solutions. We are only offering a 2-week launch guarantee for the next 30 days (as of March 19, 2020). Schedule a call to get your shop online before we get too busy.

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