Healing Breast Implant Illness
A logo to give a sense of feminine strength.
Vancouver Island Down Syndrome Society
Alongside Caregiver Consulting
A logo to show the relationship between a consultant and a caregiver or a caregiver and a family member.
Wild West Fencing
An old western brand (literally) for a western Canadian company that builds fences. This is the front of their business card.
Wild West Fencing
A logo with a hint of the old west for a western Canadian company that builds fences. Suited to a client who likes things simple yet bold.
Sarah Fox Creative
A personal branding project that plays on the Objektiv employee Sarah Fox's last name.
Prime MBC
Medical professionals like doctors are the definition of professionalism and authority. When doctors look for help with billing, this logo must project the professionalism and authority needed to be taken seriously.
Pinnacle Pens
This logo makes clever use of conventional shapes for a fun, but elegant and refined look. This logo was designed to make the antique pen dealer it was designed to stand out in the crowd online pen sellers.
A simple personal branding logo for a schizophrenic entrepreneur that codes. Using the Courier typeface for this typographic design, it makes a nod to the common use of monospace fonts in code editors.