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Your website isn’t converting its visitors into customers. Why? Let’s work together to find out exactly where your website can improve its conversion rate.

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The sirens called you with songs of a flashy website

But now you've crashed upon the rocky shores of slim-to-none sales

Your website goes live, but only a few customers trickle in. Did you do something wrong? What’s going on here, I thought the web was a place for people to flock to businesses?

The reality is, anyone can spin up a website. But, not everyone can write, design, and develop a website that turns its visitors into paying customers.

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At Objektiv Digital, we're captain of the ship for many websites of small businesses

We know how frustrating it can be when your website is not performing how it should be

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"I requested an assessment of our website from Objektiv and Ian responded very quickly with a comprehensive list of improvements to increase the number of customer contacts we get through our site. I ran his suggestions past a colleague and [the colleague] said all the suggestions Ian made were on point."
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Precision Tree Services

Get your landing page critique in 4 simple steps:

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Our 10 to 20 minute landing page critique video will give you clear, concise, and actionable information to improve your website.

If we feel that we cannot give you actionable advice that will increase your sales and/or lead generation, we will refund your money immediately.

"Objektiv Digital's website landing page critique is a TOP-notch offering. I am blown away by the quality and amount of feedback and guidance I've been given about my website, and I am excited about making the changes and improvements! I also want to say that the method of giving the critique is so professional and objective, that even a sensitive person/empath/artist like me are able to hear and accept the critique without taking it personally. Highly recommended."
Janet Botes

Your buried treasure awaits. Get actionable tips to improve your website now!

You can finally stop wondering why your website seems to be doing nothing. No more guessing, no more getting visitors with no sales or leads. Start making your website actually work for you.

$97 + GST

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