A photo of Ian McKenzie wearing a Curious Markings shirt with the 'Brotherhood' marking and round glasses with a 'top knot' haircut style

About Ian McKenzie

Digital Jack of All Trades @ Objektiv Digital

Ian McKenzie began his professional career as a retail cashier and retail manager, working in the industry for 10 years. This gave him 10 years of conversational experience to step out of his nerdy hermit shell and communicate like a rather pleasant and personable human being. There are still some oddities, however, such as speaking about himself in the third person when writing a bio on a website.

After retiring from retail, Ian enrolled at North Island College to learn software development and graphic design. He graduated with honors and had the college asking themselves, “How can we create more students like him?” During his time at North Island College, he created a tech startup for an application called Stridr and became the first college student for Innovation Island to invite into the BC Venture Acceleration Program.

Ian has been a long-time hobbyist writer with his work recently breaking into the mainstream as a contributor to The Mighty. Ian began focusing full-time on Objektiv Digital after a thorough exploration of his art project Curious Markings where he created an interactive E-commerce website with mini-games, drop-shipping merchandise, and a bunch of weird and quirky features. This website technology served as the database and back-end for the Curious Markings app on the Google Play and Apple App Store.

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Robyn Roste, shoulder length hair wearing a jean jacket and yellow shirt and a chain with the pendant covered by her folded arms

Robyn Roste


Brittany King wearing a burgandy sweater and buzz cut hair sitting at a desk with her fingers crossed together, elbows resting on the desk.

Brittany King

Systems Consultant

Our Values

Three women collaborating on the same laptop, two of them pointing at the screen while the other is controlling the trackpad

Collaboration is at the heart of our process

We believe working with our clients each step of the way ensures the best of our respective expertise are maximized.

A decorative image of pens and notebooks

Our best work begins on paper

Marketing has and always will begin with words and the stories they tell. We embrace the digital age, but pay our dues to the wisdom of old.

A red Ferrari sportscar (model and year unknown because the description writer isn't into cars) in a white garage with a poster of another red sportscar on the wall

A Ferrari is not a real Ferrari without its engine

Likewise, we believe a website that does not promote sales, generate leads, or compel user action is not a real website.

James Flawith wearing an orange hardhat, yellow and orange hi-vis vest, and protective hearing equipment with a radio receiver strapped to his chest

Here's what James had to say about our work

We redesigned the landing page for his company Precision Tree Services

“I requested an assessment of our website from Objektiv and Ian responded very quickly with a comprehensive list of improvements to increase the number of customer contacts we get through our site. I ran his suggestions past a colleague and [the colleague] said all the suggestions Ian made were on point. Ian was open and honest about the price and timeline for incorporating the changes. We had a good time tossing new concepts around and eventually settled on something that hit to the “truth” of our company and that Ian could implement. Ian worked hard and with precision to complete the project quickly, and was honest and open when he came up against any challenges that were outside of the scope of our initial agreement. In the end, my experience with Objektiv was outstanding. As for the end product, head to www.precisiontreeservices.ca and see for yourself.”

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