About Ian McKenzie
Marketing Consultant @ Objektiv Digital

Ian McKenzie began his professional career as a retail cashier and retail manager, working in the industry for 10 years. This gave him 10 years of conversational experience to step out of his nerdy hermit shell and communicate like a rather pleasant and personable human being. There are still some oddities, however, such as speaking about himself in the third person when writing a bio on a website.

After retiring from retail, Ian enrolled at North Island College to learn software development and graphic design. He graduated with honors and had the college asking themselves, "How can we create more students like him?" During his time at North Island College, he created a tech startup for an application called Stridr and became the first college student for Innovation Island to invite into the BC Venture Acceleration Program.

Having a taste for startups on his palette, Ian seeks to assist in helping fellow entrepreneurs see their minimum viable product into fruition and their current product iterating and scaling. He also likes to keep his WordPress and graphic design skills sharp by working with local designers, developers, marketers, and non-tech entrepreneurs to satisfy their digital needs.

Our Values

Collaboration is at the heart of our process
We believe working with our clients each step of the way ensures the best of our respective expertise are maximized.
Our best work begins on paper
Marketing has and always will begin with words and the stories they tell. We embrace the digital age, but pay our dues to the wisdom of old.
A Ferrari is not a real Ferrari without its engine
Likewise, we believe a website that does not promote sales is not a real website.

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