An Open Letter to Solicitors and Salespeople

Dear salesperson,

Thank you for contacting us regarding the services you’re offering. Here are the reasons we will not be using your services:

  1. You clicked our ad, thereby making your prospecting efforts cost us money that is supposed to be spent on prospective clients
  2. You filled out a contact form that was obviously designed, written, and formatted for prospective clients, not solicitors
  3. You filled out that form instead of scrolling to the footer of our website and using the [email protected] email address that is displayed for salespeople like you
  4. Because you clicked our ad and submitted our form made for prospective clients, you made yourself get tracked as a conversion on our ad which then shut off any further impressions for that day because your conversion made our ad meet its conversion threshold for the day
  5. Because you made us reach our conversion threshold, we are now no longer getting a legitimate lead, thereby throttling our ability to make sales
  6. Additionally, because Google’s algorithms now have you tracked as a conversion, it is going to try delivering our ad to more salespeople like you, rather than to prospective paying customers — also something that throttles our sales
  7. Because you have throttled our ability to make sales, we are now not able to make the money necessary to grow our business — growth that could have led to us hiring someone like you

We are trying really hard to keep in mind that you are a fellow human being that deserves the same compassion and respect that we do – we’re trying not to use expletives at you right now. We truly hope that you can identify the frustration that your actions have caused our marketing and sales team. We hope this email helps to educate you on becoming a more effective and ethical salesperson. We hope you are able to see how your actions hurt our sales and yours. We hope that when you decide to do better, it will result in people like us, and like you, becoming more prosperous businesspeople.

Thank you for your consideration,

Objektiv Digital