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Objektiv Digital is a freelance venture by Ian McKenzie. He designs and develops interactive experiences on web browsers and mobile devices, and manages the systems that support them.

Mobile Application Development

Curious Markings Co.

January 2018 - Present

Curious Markings is a mobile game that creates an interactive experience from these rather curious markings created by a schizophrenic artist. Team up with players around the world to help unlock the mysterious stories attached to each marking. See photos that were captured at marking locations, and try to collect all markings. Curious Markings is primarily monetized by an online e-commerce store.


Screenshot of the Curious Markings app camera view
Screenshot of the Curious Markings app map view

Web Design & Development

House of Bob Podcast

July 2018 - Aug. 2018

The House of Bob Podcast is a group of Dungeons and Dragons nerds broadcasting their sessions with entrancing storytelling, hilarious banter, and broadcast standard professional audio quality. Serving as a library and a site to market their podcasts, the HoBcast website integrates technologies to make the page highly customizable and easy to use so that they may maintain their website with minimal to no need to hire a professional.

The House of Bob logo
Screenshot of the HoBcast page, above the fold
Screenshot of hobcast.com, team section
Screenshot of hobcast.com, podcast page

Web Application Development


July 2016 - Dec. 2017

Stridr was a web application that looked at everything you like on social media and presented it all in a single, chronological feed. It made suggestions for new things you might like, and offered fine grain customization over your aggregated social feed. Before being set aside, Stridr's powerful back end was being utilized for creating mobile versions on Android and iOS.

The Stridr logo
Screenshot of the Stridr chronological social feed
Screenshot of a Stridr user's profile
Screenshot of Stridr's login view

Web Design & Development

Astronomic Audio

July 2018 - Aug. 2018

Astronomic Audio is an audio editing company started by Alexander Hochhausen. Astronomic is a small business with a small budget making big ideas sound awesome. Working with his budget, and utilizing image assets from graphic artist and friend of Alexander, Trevor Gieske, we worked together to build a website that looks amazing, doesn't break the bank, and does exactly what it's supposed to do; get prospective customers lining up in his inbox.

The Astronomic Audio logo
Screenshot of the Astronomic page, above the fold
Screenshot of astronomicaudio.com, portfolio section
Screenshot of astronomicaudio.com, pricing section

Front-End Web Development

NIC Interactive Media

June 2017 - Aug. 2017

North Island College's Interactive Media program is the reason Objektiv Digital exists. After killing it in a class project with Matt Boucher and Brittany King aimed to re-design the program's website, the program hired us as interns to re-design the website for real. Led by instructor Megan Wilson, we re-designed our re-design to conform with college policies and to make it clear and understandable to an international audience.

Screenshot of the NIC Interactive Media's logo
Screenshot of the NIC Interactive Media's landing page
Screenshot of the NIC Interactive Media's alumni page
A prototype for the 'current students' page on http://nicinteractive.media

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